Mind, Body and Emotion in balance generates Spirit. Truth, Life, Love, in Harmony generates Integrity. Spirit and Integrity creates Soul.

Archonstone: William Hegeman

Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Coach

Do you need a hug and an affirmation?

Do you need a strong shake to keep going?

Do you need honest insight where you are stuck, or truths that you refuse to see into yourself?

Do you need to have someone who sees the actual path you are on or choosing to walk and work with you where you are now?

Spiritual development is about asking the right questions consistently. Spoon fed answers are unsatisfying, they mean less if you haven't figured it out for yourself. Being a mentor, or a coach, it is to encourage you to do the work.

Psychic Development Classes

Psychic Development

Psychic development is about finding consistent practices, get feed back to how they work for you, adapt, improvise, and keep going.

I have given classes on basic psychic development techniques, which are basic for spiritual development,

and acquiring the mind of a magician working with the world around you.

I have taught classes at gatherings, conferences, in my home, at metaphysical stores.

I teach these core methods and and give insights from over 50 years of experiences.

Schedule me for a class, or one on one mentoring.



I have performed Weddings. I have enjoyed uniting my friends with loved ones of their choice.

I will perform weddings for LGBTQIA+.

Love is Love, and the promise of being their for each other made public is a beautiful experience.

I will work with you for your nature, style, faith, or whatever you bring to make the event memorable.

Cavaet: I don't climb, Parachute or Scuba. So there are some limitations.



When you want a ceremony of closure.

Or you want to celebrate a life.

Solemn or light, Humor or no,

I'll be available to match the decorum that you and the deceased have chosen.

House Clearing

House Clearings

Are People of the past a problem leaving negative vibes?

Are there left over remnants of people or things in your home and need it to go away?

I can help.

I can counsel when there are problems with the living. Each situation is unique.

I have the experience to help with almost anything that you may need remedying.



I have performed exorcisms. 95 Percent of the time, It is a personal issue that a person is working with that is a reflecting in the world around them.

I can counsel, and will recommend Psychological therapy and counseling when needed.

Clearing out entities and vibes will only work so long before the behaviors and reality of peoples lives reinfect a place.

I realize it is necessary to be sensitive to all of it. Whether it is an exorcism or a soul/spirit retrieval, I can help in that healing.

Remote Energetic Presence


Most of my work should be local and direct.

Case by Case basis, I will try to connect remotely. There is no guarantee.

Presence, Healing, Energy Work,

Shaktipat (Be careful for what you wish for. This is my version and not what you might expect. Like any work like that the person must be prepared for it. )

These are not Downloads, but processes, that one must mull over and adapt or adopt.



Whether it is insight, magical insight or counseling, energetic healings, or something else in the realm of spirit, do consider having me as some one in your corner, standing with you, with you may face.

Even if it is yourself.

All Medical or Psychiatric issues I am not qualified to speak on or help with.

Each and every case I will highly recommend seeking qualified Medical and or Psychiatric professionals to help.

Health and your Mind, you will be responsible to work with professionals to help you on your journey to health, or at least a manageable balance in your life.

I can work with the spirit and energetic. I can do some energetic healings.

Archonstone: William Hegeman is available depending on schedule and distance, in person or online within reason. I'll be available for speaking engagements, classes, book signings, spirit healings, spirit removals, house clearings, weddings and training.

Current schedule: