Mind, Body and Emotion in balance generates Spirit. Truth, Life, Love, in Harmony generates Integrity. Spirit and Integrity creates Soul.


Mindful Meditation.

Quiet an active mind that is fully engaged the world? No.

Squash all thoughts and emotions by will alone? Do you live in a Monastery? No.

I have done it the hardway. I have modified a Chinese Chi Gong method of Judgement of thoughts and emotions. The method helps to sort out who you are. Organize your thoughts. And systematically let go of influences, programming, and the energetic astral that we come in contact every day.

This needed for awakening to our spirituality, as well as, the ground floor basics of developing magical practices.

Body Awareness Meditation

Realizing or Mind and Body Somatic relationship. There are two parts to this class.

The first is to realize how memories, emotions, and traumas can get linked or anchored into our body. Body awareness you learn where you need to take care of yourself physically, but also allow the Mindful Meditation process, teach what these issues are you need to address mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Recognizing energy in the body, we learn what our own energy in our body feels like. With practice we can monitor it during the day. When quiet we learn to augment or psychic abilities by identify energetic happenings outside of our body.

Prerequisite: Meditation

Energy Accumulation and Management

Where and how to collect Spirit, Astral, Yin Chi or Prana.

How and where to store Spirit, Astral, Yin Chi or Prana.

Prerequisites: Meditation, and Body Awareness Meditation

MicroCosmic Orbit Breathing

Take your personally stored Spirit, Astral, Yin Chi or Prana, and circulate it in the body.

This continues opportunities from the previous 3 classes. Refines and improves the quality of the chi we store, but also, continues with the cleaning our body and spirit of unwanted or unintended attachments, blockages and focus on personal issues that must be dealt with.

Prerequisites: Meditation, Body Awareness Meditation, and Energy Accumulation and Management

Internal Alchemy, the migration and evolution of mind, personality and ego.

This class takes the first 2 classes and focuses on the internal work and methods managing issues, traumas, and external influences, to create a personality, and behavior that is what you desire.

This is a class of Self-Mastery. How to change outcomes, habits and reactions to things that happen to you.

This is a class of mastering, how you choose to be, developing new habits, expressions and disciplines that will help you in the future.

Prerequisites: Meditation, Body Awareness Meditation

Lucid Dreaming, as well as, Astral Projection, Traveling and Aspecting

This class discusses the exercises for each, and practical understanding of what each of these are.

This class is designed to help you have conscious control when needed in dreams or in other OBE (Out of Body Experiences). What to expect in these various states, and how to do it safely.

Also, you learn how to do various types of sensing of objects with yang or yin types of energy.

Prerequisites: Meditation, Body Awareness Meditation

Energy and Materials for Magic

An educational class on how to view and work with materials beyond, spell book formularies.

What are properties of materials and what you can expect to do with them. How to enchant the world around you.

Defense Against the Darks Arts, Natural Magic

Ninety percent of what we experience that afflicts is either personal or just the vibes of the world around us. Even if it is from people, places or things, these basic techniques can help you make your home clean from influences and protect you from influences.

Basic Shields and Wards

Defense Against the Dark Arts, Advanced

How to work your own and external spirit, chi or prana, to detect, diagnose and be aware of what is out there. Determine if it is a problem and how to handle it. How to diagnose if it is a people problem and projections of their own issues or imaginations. How to determine if it is natural spirits that are simply curious, benign or the source of why they are nuisance. And if they are sentient beings, common sense, ettiquete and courtesy goes long way.

Prerequisites: Meditation, Body Awareness Meditation, and Energy Accumulation and Management, and "Defense Against the Darks Arts, Natural Magic"

Building your own Barborous Language

Glossololia, Speaking in Tongues, Twilight Language, and Others. What and why written languages were considered magical. Understanding the Energetic characteristics of Futhark, Sanskrit and Hebrew. How to find what resonates with you and build your own Language for your own Magic.

Illustration of my personal Process.

Others by Request

If you have subjects that you want to hear about and consider, email me with a request for a special class and if I can accomodate that request. I don't know everything. There is a lot I am still learning.

Archonstone Archonstone: William Hegeman is available depending on schedule and distance, in person or online within reason. I'll be available for speaking engagements, classes, book signings, spirit healings, spirit removals, house clearings, weddings and training.

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